Merchandising and cultural products for museums

A museum is no longer designed in the same way as in the past. Gone are the days when there was a small corner for memories. In new museums, the shop is an integral part of the visitor’s itinerary, often along with a cafeteria. It is a living space that extends the museum experience. It can even attract customers who do not visit an exhibition.

For museums

Museum shops have become an essential part of their activity. They allow visitors to extend their cultural experience and provide necessary income to the museums. If shops are more important than in the past, it is also for financial reasons.

For visitors

When we visit a museum, and especially a museum that we appreciate, we like to take home a souvenir. Visitors often find books, postcards or pens in their shops. When they are looking for a more original item, the choice is quite limited. To conquer them, museums must expand their shop’s offerings, but how can they offer more original souvenirs or gifts?

Merchandising and custom designs for museums

To satisfy all customers, it is necessary to have a very complete and diversified range of products. Therefore, it is important to offer attractive alternatives, accessible and original products, such as T-shirts, or hoodies.

Sabetrend: textile & product customization for your museum shop.

T-shirts are a very popular item today, both for local and foreign visitors.  It is very interesting to sell them in museum shops. Thanks to the many works of art available in museums, it is possible to create a complete range of T-shirts, hoodies.. and have an original option to offer visitors. Thus, they will be able to choose a T-shirt with the work of art they prefer.  Depending on the season, they can choose from a variety of materials and items: t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, tote bags…

There is also the possibility of choosing a custom design that represents your institution. At Sabetrend, we have years of experience designing for Spain’s most renowned museums. Our creative team is at your disposal. Call us today and we will be happy to advise you.

Among a few projects, we can mention:

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